2023 OMFLL Rep Lacrosse

Beaches will enter at least one team in all age divisions (U9, U11, U13, U15 and U17) for the OMFLL Spring Field season. 

The current OMFLL plans are:

  • The season will begin April 8-9 with the Jammer Classic.  The regular season will begin April 15 and will run through to Championship weekend from May 19-22
  • Regular season games for all age divisions will be held Saturday or Sunday depending on the age group.  Locations are still pending and are generally announced with the schedule a few days before game day.
  • Teams will practice twice a week at Cherry Beach, day and time TBD.
  • Registration is now open at https://www.sportzsoft.com/regApp/Login?OrgId=3354
  • Questions?  Contact vpfield@beacheslacrosse.com or info@beacheslacrosse.com

2023 Tryout Schedule

LOCATION: Toronto Soccerplex
Jan 14/23 3:30-4:55pm U9/U11 Practice
5:00-6:25pm U13 Practice
Jan 21/23 3:30-4:55pm U15 Practice
5:00-6:25 U17 Practice
Jan 28/23 3:30-4:55pm U13/U11 Practice
5:00-6:25pm U9 Practice
Feb 4/23 3:30-4:55 U17 Practice
5:00-6:25pm U15 Practice
Feb 11/23 3:30-4:55pm U9/U11 Tryout
5:00-6:25pm U13 Tryout
Feb 12/23 2-3:30pm U15 Tryout
3:30-5pm U17 Tryout
Feb 25/23 3:30-4:55pm U13 Tryout
5:00-6:25pm U9/U11 Tryout
Mar 4/23 3:30-4:55pm U17 Tryout
5:00-6:25pm U15 Tryout