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Toronto Beaches competes in the Ontario Womens Field Lacrosse season which generally runs from the May long weekend through the August long weekend, as well as Canadian and U.S. tournaments. This is a highly competitive program for Beaches and requires a strong commitment from players and parents to achieve the goals we set out each year. Beaches fields Rep Womens teams in the following age groups: U19 and Senior.  The age groupings are determined by birth year.


• To have a great, enjoyable experience and continue to build upon friendships, competitive spirit, and a love of the game.
• To lead, develop, and promote a positive lacrosse experience for all players and their families.
• To create a learning environment built on a foundation of respect, integrity, and honour.
• To maximize the individual skills development of every player that will enable these players to compete at a high level of lacrosse for years to come.
• To emphasize that lacrosse is a team game, and that team achievements far outweigh individual accomplishments.
• To teach the importance of goal setting that allows for maximum personal, social, athletic and team development.


At this time, there are two U19 Rep Womens teams: U19-1 and U19-2. Players born in the age groups of U19 and U17 are entitled to try out for U19-1. Only players born in the U19 age group may try out for U19-2. The birth years and applicable age category for the current season can be found under “Registration”. Team tryouts/assessments are held during Fall Ball so that we can plan for the following Rep season. For Winter Ball we attempt to get our Rep teams practicing indoors in anticipation of the upcoming Rep season. Practices move outdoors for Spring Ball from late March to mid-May at Cherry Beach Sports Fields.


OWFL posts details of the upcoming season on their website.  In January each year a skeleton schedule is released with the weekends of game play and towns in which those games will be played. Teams play 2 games each weekend on one of the days in a set time block based on age. During the season our U19 Rep teams generally practice twice per week on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  Additionally we book at least one club-wide U.S. tournament on a weekend during the season.  Some of our teams will book Canadian and U.S. tournaments at other times out of the regular season.  These are highly encouraged, but not mandatory, as they bring the team together and allow them to further compete against high level talent.

Our Coaching Selection Committee of Samantha Kidd, Gregory Peck, Jesse Porter, Paul Swanson and Lindsay Whiston-Babcock selected the following 2022 Womens Rep Head Coaches:

U19-1 – Gregory Peck

U19-2 – Dennis Kehoe

Our registration fees for the U19 Rep program have historically run in the $450 to $600 range plus uniform costs. We use the same uniform season over season as permitted by supplier availability. Players only need to purchase new uniform pieces as they outgrow their current one or they move to a team (based on age) that uses a different style than their previous age group. New players to the club will need to purchase a complete uniform set which includes a jersey, kilt (or shorts), and pinnie. We often offer bags and other swag available for purchase but is not mandatory.


Players born prior to the age group of U19 are entitled to try out for the Seniors team. U19 Rep players are entitled to play for the Seniors upon invitation and wherever there is no conflict with their U19 Rep team. The Seniors Rep team typically plays from late May to early July. The team does not typically practice, other than prior to matches. Anyone interested in competing may contact Coach Paul Swanson at



Eyeguards and Mouthguards are mandatory for all participants.  They can be purchased from Hogtown Lacrosse at at 1274 Queen St E, or other sporting goods retailers.


Anyone wishing further information is encouraged to contact

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