Under-17 Division


1U17 Kitchener660381312
2U17 Oakville64246348
3U17 Peterborough64239308
4U17 Orangeville63335346
5U17 Milton62422344
6U17 Six Nations61523382
7U17 Beaches61521412


2022-04-09 08:30:00April 9, 2022 Beaches vs Kitchener2 - 9
2022-04-09 08:30:00April 9, 2022 Milton vs Six Nations5 - 3
2022-04-09 09:30:00April 9, 2022 Orangeville vs Beaches6 - 4
2022-04-09 09:30:00April 9, 2022 Peterborough vs Oakville8 - 4
2022-04-09 11:30:00April 9, 2022 Kitchener vs Six Nations6 - 0
2022-04-09 11:30:00April 9, 2022 Milton vs Peterborough5 - 6
2022-04-09 13:00:00April 9, 2022 Beaches vs Milton3 - 4
2022-04-09 13:00:00April 9, 2022 Oakville vs Orangeville8 - 7
2022-04-09 15:00:00April 9, 2022 Six Nations vs Oakville6 - 7
2022-04-09 15:00:00April 9, 2022 Orangeville vs Peterborough3 - 9
2022-04-09 17:00:00April 9, 2022 Beaches vs Six Nations3 - 4
2022-04-09 17:00:00April 9, 2022 Kitchener vs Oakville7 - 4
2022-04-10 09:30:00April 10, 2022 Milton vs Orangeville4 - 7
2022-04-10 09:30:00April 10, 2022 Peterborough vs Kitchener3 - 6
2022-04-10 11:30:00April 10, 2022 Beaches vs Oakville3 - 13
2022-04-10 11:30:00April 10, 2022 Orangeville vs Six Nations9 - 4
2022-04-10 13:30:00April 10, 2022 Kitchener vs Milton5 - 1
2022-04-10 13:30:00April 10, 2022 Peterborough vs Six Nations8 - 6
2022-04-10 15:30:00April 10, 2022 Oakville vs Milton10 - 3
2022-04-10 15:30:00April 10, 2022 Kitchener vs Orangeville5 - 3
2022-04-10 16:30:00April 10, 2022 Beaches vs Peterborough6 - 5

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Seven team tournament playing for the Jammer Championship.

 Play each team once in a round robin format, for a six game total. Winner of the competition shall be determined by the team with the best record after the six game round robin of games.

Men’s FIL field lacrosse rules apply accept where stated below.

Teams Must Use Designated Bench

Team listed at top as indicated on schedule, must use left-hand bench as teams face the field. Team listed at bottom as indicated on schedule, must use right-hand bench as teams face field.


The referee shall start the game clock at the designated time, whether players are ready or not. Only tournament convener at his discretion can hold the clock start time for i.e.; weather or injury. The tournament conveners decision will be final in all situations.


ALL games shall have a winner – NO TIES. If score tied at end of regulation teams will play Sudden-Death Overtime.

 ALL games are two 20-minute halves (running time), with a 5-minute halftime break.

Stop-time in the last TWO minutes of the 2nd Half, if the goal differential is 4 goals or less.

One timeout allowed per half, no carry-over.

Each Half and Overtime period starts with a DRAW BALL AT CENTRE, regardless of man up/down status at end of the previous half. 

Exception:  If a penalty is assessed during the halftime/overtime breaks, then possession to the team with least total penalty time (If equal total time, then Draw ball at centre).

 Automatic Stall Warning Rule (“Get-it-in”):  In the last 2 minutes of all regulation time halves, teams must get ball in the attack zone and keep it in.


Before the First Overtime period there is a ONE minute break, teams switch ends.

Each Overtime period starts with Draw Ball at Centre (Exception if penalties occur during the break).

 All Overtime periods are 4-minute, Stop-Time.

     NO breaks between Overtime periods, teams switch ends after each OT period.

     NO Automatic Stall Rule in Overtime.  NO time-outs in Overtime.

 If after four overtime periods no team has scored, game is over and winner will be determined by tie-breaking formula.

If after overtime teams are still tied, follow tie-breaking formula listed below.

#1 = Least expulsion penalty’s throughout tournament.
#2 = Least banishment penalty’s throughout tournament.
#3 = Least personal penalty minutes throughout tournament.
#4 = Least technical penalty’s throughout tournament.
#5 = If still tied, Coin toss.  Team from right-hand bench calls the toss.

Variables used in determination of the order of finish.

1 – team with the most total points after the three games are completed.
2 – if tied, team with best record vs each other (head to head).
3 – if still tied (multi team tie), winner shall be the team with the best GF/(GF+GA) for tournament.
4 – if still tied, the team with the fewest goals against for tournament.
5 – if still tied, the team with the least expulsion penalty’s for tournament.
6 – if still tied, the team with the least personal fouls for tournament.
7 – if still tied, the team with the least technical fouls for tournament.
8 – if still tied, a coin toss will determine the winner.

(team from the right hand players bench calls the toss).

All tournament Committee’s decisions are final.


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    NOTE: Consumption of Alcohol is strictly prohibited at the Cherry Beach Sports Fields.
    Participants and spectators acknowledge that Media will be present and agree to photographs and other forms of media being taken during the tournament.