Beaches Lacrosse to Host OWFL Weekend

Beaches Lacrosse to Host OWFL Weekend

Welcome to Toronto! It’s been more than a decade since Toronto hosted an OWFL weekend, and we’re back!

Our venue will be Sunnybrook Sports Fields at 1132 Leslie Street, a short drive west of the Eglinton Avenue exit of the Don Valley Parkway. The entrance for vehicles is on the west side of Leslie Street just north of Eglinton Avenue. The road that you take at the entrance has no street-sign, but it is called Sunnybrook Park Trail (formerly known as E.T. Seton Park Road). The sports fields are on a plateau and you will see the layout of the park on the map below.


Sunnybrook Park Trail leads to the parking lots that surround the sports fields. All parking lots are free, but the closest parking lots to the fields are #4, #6, #7 and #8.

For most families, Parking Lot #4 is a good first choice. However be advised that there is a long stairwell leading to the plateau which might be challenging for some people. Once you reach the top of the stairwell, just follow the path to the right and you will soon see the OWFL fields on your left.

If Parking Lot #4 is full, then you can keep driving, disregard parking lot #5 and drive up to the plateau to find Parking Lots #6, #7 and #8. Parking Lot #8 is the easiest for wheelchair access.

In the unlikely event that you can’t find parking in one of the four recommended Parking Lots, drop your player(s) off and find a spot on in Parking Lots #1, #2, #3 or #5. There is no excuse for parking on grass, and Beaches Lacrosse will not hesitate to arrange for the towing of any vehicle that does.


There are indoor washrooms located at Parking Lot #5. We are hopeful that the City will re-open the washroom pavillion near Parking Lot #6 (beside the upper cricket field), but even if not, there are portable washrooms there.

Closest Hospital

Sunnybrook Hospital is adjacent to Sunnybrook Park but on the other side of the West Don River. The bridge across the river is restricted to pedestrians. The hospital is a very long walk from the fields. You will get there much more quickly if you drive out of the park, turn right (south) on Leslie, turn right (west) on Eglinton Avenue, drive until you reach and Bayview Avenue and turn right (north). Sunnybrook Hospital will be on your right (east).

Food and Beverages

Best to bring food. There are no concession stands or stores inside Sunnybrook Park. There is a Loblaws at Don Mills & Eglinton Avenue.


The City prohibits the consumption of alcohol and smoking at the Sports Fields. Do not even think about bringing fireworks (google the tragedy which occurred at Sunnybrook Stables five years ago). The City of Toronto does not allow barbecues or picnics in the sports field areas. You will see the sign if you drive past Parking Lot #5. Tents are required to be secured with sufficient weights. Pegs are not allowed in order to protect subterranean infrastructure. There are waste and recycling bins throughout the park — there is no excuse for littering. The City also adds, “To promote a positive and inclusive experience in City of Toronto sports facilities and to protect the dignity and well-being of indigenous communities, the City of Toronto prohibits the display of indigenous-themed sports images, logos, or team names except for those used by indigenous sports organizations.”

Used Pinnie Donation!

Do you have used pinnies laying around the house? Maybe from a lacrosse camp? They look nice, but can’t bring yourself to throw them out? Beaches’ development program would gladly take them and put them to good use! There will be a bin beside the OWFL tent where you can drop them off.

On behalf of the Toronto Beaches Lacrosse Club, we wish to welcome our OWFL friends back to Toronto!

Maps and directions