Our Mission

We at the Toronto Beaches Lacrosse Club (TBLC) are proud to bring the exciting game of Lacrosse to the kids in our community.

We are passionate about the sport, and believe that it should be preserved and nurtured as an important part of our Canadian Heritage.

The members of our Board of Directors have been working hard to get this season under way.  They are joined in their efforts by our sponsors and over 150 volunteers who help to make TBLC a success.

We hope that you will feel the same way about the sport as we do, and encourage you to get involved and help in any way that you can.

Board of Directors

Jennifer Price

Jamie Boyden
Vice President – Rep Box

Margaret Patience
Vice President – Club (House) League

Natalie Avery
Registrar – Box

Shawn Palmer
Registrar – Girls Field

Frank Hamm
Past President

John Salter
Vice President – Field

Maureen Howson
Tournament Director

Michele Kidd
Club Administrator

Sharon Foskett

Dave Copeland
Vice President – Girls Field

Erin Dixon
Director of Apparel

Matthew Boyd
Director of Sponsorship

Dara Willis
Director of Marketing & Communications

Darryl Knox
Equipment Director

Dennis Kehoe

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