Toronto Beaches Lacrosse Club
Code of Conduct

Lacrosse is the greatest sport in the world, and the Toronto Beaches Lacrosse Club (TBLC) desires to provide opportunities to learn, play and watch the sport in a positive setting. For this reason, all players, families, spectators and coaches (collectively “Participants”) are required to conduct themselves in accordance with the reasonable principles set forth in this Code of Conduct when participating in and/or representing TBLC at games, practices or any other event related to TBLC.

HONESTY AND INTEGRITY: Honesty and Integrity are the cornerstones of TBLC’s philosophy, and they are fundamental to Participants behaving as good sports.  All Participants shall act with honesty and integrity at TBLC events and in their dealings with other Participants.

RESPECT: All Participants shall act respectfully towards their teammates, opponents, coaching staff, event and facility staff, opposing coaching staff, referees and spectators. 

SKILL DEVELOPMENT: No Participant shall interfere with a player’s desire to maximize their skills and knowledge.


No Participant shall interfere with a player’s participation on their team, which may include but not be limited to discriminating, bullying, harassing or sexually, physically, verbally or emotionally abusing or manipulating another Participant.  TBLC strictly adheres to the Ontario Lacrosse Association’s Harassment, Race and Discrimination Policies. TBLC’s goal is to eliminate all forms of harassment and abuse, including verbal, physical and sexual abuse and its first priority is to provide a positive environment to protect its participating players, coaches, parents and officials from harassment and abuse.  

If you believe that you have been subjected to discrimination, bullying, harassment or abuse, have been accused of or witnessed such conduct the TBLC Executive urges you to notify any one of us immediately.  Names and contact information of TBLC executives may be found here

All TBLC members are subject to the Lacrosse Canada and Ontario Lacrosse Association policies relating to conduct. These are referenced below.

OLA Anti-Doping Policy

OLA Code of Conduct Policy

OLA Fair Play Policy

OLA Harassment Policy


OLA Substance Misuse Policy 

OLA Transgender Athlete Policy

Lacrosse Canada – Respect in Lacrosse

Failure to conduct oneself in adherence to this Code of Conduct could result in a reprimand, diminished playing time, suspension, or expulsion by the OLA and/or TBLC.

TBLC Code of Conduct Disciplinary Process

A Toronto Beaches Lacrosse Club (“TBLC”) Member who observes misconduct in violation of the Code of Conduct (the “Code”), may notify the individual(s) to:

  • Cease the misconduct;
  • Ask the individual(s) to leave the vicinity of the TBLC hosted activity if the misconduct persists;
  • Notify security or legal authorities if the circumstances warrant

Thereafter either the President or the TBLC Board of Directors may establish a Disciplinary Committee (“DC”) to preside over suspected Code violations on a case-by-case basis.  If the DC finds that a violation of the Code has occurred, then the consequences for the offending member may include, but may not be limited to, the following (in escalating order of magnitude):

  • Letter and /or documented meeting with DC
  • Fines (the proceeds of which may be used to pay for any direct and consequential damages suffered by TBLC or any of its Members due to the misconduct);
  • Suspension or banishment from TBLC sanctioned events for the balance of the season;
  • Revocation of Membership in TBLC;
  • Life-time ban from TBLC sanctioned events and/or
  • Paying TBLC’s litigation and other legal costs relating to, or flowing from, the misconduct in question.

TBLC’s Board of Directors reserves the right to amend this process at any time. In the event that this Process overlaps or contradicts any process imposed by a regulatory body such as the Ontario Lacrosse Association, then the regulatory body shall prevail only to the extent of such overlap or contradiction.