Hogtown Paperweight Tournament


JULY 9, 2022

Tournament Fee:  $525  (payable to Toronto Beaches Lacrosse Club)

3-Game Guarantee

Contact: Maureen Howson
Email: tournament@beacheslacrosse.com
Phone: 416-699-0626

Registration deadline: Friday, May 6, 2022

Acceptance is not guaranteed until payment is received

Cancellation Policy: 50% refund after May 13, 2022
No refunds after May 27, 2022

Rules and Information

Game Length. All games are three 16-minute periods running time, with a buzzer after every two minutes
indicating the line change. All players must change at each buzzer; players are not permitted to remain on
the floor after a line change buzzer except in situations where there are less than ten players on the bench.

Coaching. One coach for each team is permitted on the floor for the purpose of assisting players during
various points of play (including positioning and general encouragement), provided there is at least one
additional adult on the bench. Coaches are not permitted to carry a stick on the floor or to address the officials.

Each team must have one certified coach, one carded trainer, and may have up to three OLA-

registered volunteers.

Facing Off. A face-off will be conducted at the start of each period and following each goal. For any other
stoppage, including the two-minute line change buzzer, possession will be awarded by the officials nearest
the location where play was stopped.

Penalties. Penalties will not be formally assessed. Where an infraction occurs, play will be stopped and the
official will briefly explain the infraction. For major infractions, the official may direct the offending player to
the player’s bench for the remainder of the shift. A substitute player will be allowed onto the floor.

Floor strength. Each team must have five runners and a goaltender at all times, except in circumstances
where a major infraction has resulted in an offending player returning to the player’s bench for substitution.
Teams are not permitted to “pull” or substitute goaltenders at any point in the game.

The Game. Officials in the paperweight division are encouraged to exercise professional judgement when
officiating. The goal of both the officials and the coaching staff is to introduce the game to players through
instruction and encouragement. Notwithstanding the regulations above, all Lacrosse Canada playing rules
are in effect, aside from:

a. There is no shot clock
b. There is no over-and-back in a short-handed situation
c. There is no 10 second count in a short-handed situation