2021 Annual General Meeting
Thursday November 4, 2021 at 7:00pm via ZOOM

Toronto Beaches Lacrosse Club is a not-for-profit organization that relies upon the participation of volunteers to run its programs. The AGM is a chance for members to hear a recap of all the programs that ran in 2021, vote on proposed by-law amendments and participate in the election of  candidates seeking Board positions.

Again this year we were faced with an unprecedented set of circumstances, and our AGM will also reflect that.

We will also be introducing Jim Calder, the first inductee into our newly established  Toronto Beaches Lacrosse Club Hall of Fame, in the Builders Category.

The following Board positions are currently up for election. Descriptions/responsibilities of Board positions can be found in the attached TBLC By-Laws, Article 6, here.

We welcome nominations for any of the open Board positions, but based on the constraints of a virtual meeting, nominations will need to be submitted via an on-line form, prior to the AGM.

More details,  with a link to the form,  to follow in the upcoming week.

The following named positions are all 2 year terms:

  • VP House League (incumbent Margaret Patience)
  • Tournament Director
  • Sponsorship
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Registrar for Girls Lacrosse
  • Registrar House League
  • Apparel
  • Equipment (incumbent Darryl Knox)
  • Tournaments
  • Jr A Liason

The following are 1 year term positions:

  • Director at Large– Field
  • Director at Large–Rep Box (incumbent Jamie Boyden)
  • Director at Large–Girls Field **(incumbent Lindsay Whiston-Babcock)
  • Director at Large–House League(incumbent Lauren Homuth)
  • Director at Large–House League Championship Day
  • Director at Large–Technical
  • Director at Large–Social Media

In preparation for the AGM, please review the page outlining the TBLC’s current By-Laws and the following proposed amendments, here.

Proposed change to current By-Laws:
1. Any and all references to Girls Field or Womens Field in the Articles, By-laws and executive titles to be updated to refer to Girls & Womens Lacrosse. (ie.** Director — House League Girls & Womens Lacrosse, Registrar–Girls & Womens Lacrosse)
2.  Regarding Article 6. Board of Directors as it relates to positions on the Board, I make the following suggestions:

a.   Propose removing the Director of Facilities and Floor Time position as the Club Administrator (employee) has been performing the responsibilities of this role.
b.  Propose the Junior Liaison is not a voting position on the Board.While this is a meaningful role, it is not a function involved in the operation of the minor club.

3.  Where we defer to the OLA policies which apply to the OLA Board and extend them to our Board, it may be of value to explicitly state that the OLA policy extends to the TBLC Board of Directors and excerpt the intent or synopsis of the policy within our Articles & By-Laws.  One for which there is not a detailed policy and TBLC defers to the OLA policy is in the area of conflict of interest.  Within Article 16, the TBLC document speaks to Conflict of Interest, however it relates primarily to the process in the event of a perceived conflict of interest and not in regards to the Standard Expectation of Behaviour and the conflict of interest obligations placed on the Board members.  For this reason, the following text is proposed along with appending the attached to the Articles.

The OLA Conflict of Interest Policy, attached, extends to all members of the TBLC Board of Directors.  All members of the Board of Directors must sign a declaration certifying they have read and will abide by the Conflict of Interest Policy.  All members of the Board must provide a full written disclosure of all interests, relationships, and holdings which could potentially result in a conflict of interest.

We invite you to join us on-line and to consider becoming involved.

Watch for an upcoming email with all the AGM Registration details.

Hope to see you there!

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